We are an environmentally focussed, sustainable business. With compost toilets, wildflower roofs & community hop projects – we do our part to keep our footprint as low as possible.


Over the years, we’ve diversified our business and worked hard at becoming sustainable and implementing eco-friendly practices. This has led to us winning awards, including the Green Key Accreditation; it’s an international award that recognises environmentally sustainable businesses. We are proud to be the first Brewery in the world to be awarded this!

In 2023, we were awarded “Best Sustainable Business” at the SIBA Independent Beer awards in Liverpool.

We’re also committed to the Business Wales Green Growth Pledge. We take pride in doing our bit for the planet, whilst brewing delicious beers for everyone to enjoy.

Sustainable Practices

So what is it that makes us so Green?

  • We have installed solar panels on the roof of the Brewery.
  • A zero-waste brewing process – spent malt and yeast goes to Kerry’s farm animals, hops go to the local gardening club and water is sent down to our reed bed filtration system.
  • We send our beer out in compostable cardboard moulds, no dividers or extra packaging, just a cardboard box with a 12 bottle mould inside and then sealed with paper tape.
  • All of our Electrical Energy is Green, Renewable energy. Provided by Haven Power.
  • We made our own compost toilets with recycled beer barrel urinals.
  • Excess cardboard is given to the local gardening club
  • You can purchase a Tree through our online shop and Good Nature Party will plant a tree on the Brewery land.
  • Wildflower roofs cover both our stage and our toilets.
  • Our shop is a crisp packet recycling point – drop off your empty packets to us to be recycled instead of them going to landfill.
  • We use 100% recycled paper in our office and any marketing materials are printed on recycled paper.
  • We have energy-saving light bulbs across the farm & Brewery.
  • We are a Refugee Aid collection point and Gardening Club meeting point. We hold local community events and the annual community Green Hop Beer.
  • We mix woodchip from a local tree surgeon with spent hops and malt to create our own compost!
  • We have raised just shy of £15,000 for various charities over the years, including: DPJ Foundation, Welsh Air Ambulance & The Watershed Foundation
  • We are using MicroAlgae to capture our waste Co2; part of a funded research project with Swansea University

Whilst we already do a lot to reduce our waste, we really want to get to a point where we have zero waste going to landfill. We’re constantly thinking of new ideas for re-using or reducing our waste.

We’d also like to engage with more community projects and work with local charities to continue our fundraising efforts. We’re currently working with Good Nature Party to plant trees on the Brewery land, we want to keep growing this project and encourage our customers to plant trees when they buy beer from us.

We live in such a beautiful part of the world that we would be crazy to not want to look after the environment around us!

We believe that there is a social responsibility, on all businesses, to reduce their footprints for the benefit of everybody. We want to ensure that our business has a positive impact on the welfare of the next generation. We may be a small business in the grand scheme of things, but we hope that our way of working may influence others and that we can have a big impact on our local community.

For the past few years, we have brewed a Green Hop Community Beer, with hops grown by our local neighbours. It’s always great fun and we love being able to involve our community on Brew Day.

In 2020, we worked together with The Watershed Foundation and raised £1381.90. This money was then used by the foundation to support those affected by the fires at Moria Refugee Camp in Lesvos. This is definitely our favourite green project so far, as it was a real community effort, and felt amazing to be able to donate such a good sum of money to a very worthy cause.

Plant a Tree

Here at Bluestone, the environment is at the heart of what we do. We want to make a difference with every beer that we sell.
So, we’re really glad to have teamed up with Good Nature Party to offer the chance to plant a tree on the Brewery land when you buy through our website.

Good Nature is an ethical events company dedicated to partying for the planet. They create spaces to connect, delight and dance to great music and use their profits to responsibly plant trees in their tree network, beginning in West Wales. Party with a purpose!
If you purchase this product when ordering through our site, we will purchase a tree via Good Nature Party, and they will come and plant it on our land. When we run out of space, our lovely neighbours will take over…each tree will be planted within a 5-mile radius of where your beer is made!

Drink Beer, Plant a Tree

As well as planting the trees, the money will also buy canes and tree guards. It’ll also cover some of the cost of caring for them until they can fend for themselves. Once planted, they’ll be added to the Good Nature tree network as a “Bluestone Brewing Co Tree” which you can follow along with on the ‘Tree Network’ page of the Good Nature website. There’ll be photos and videos of the planting process to check out along the way too.
If you are purchasing this as a gift for somebody, please just let us know in the order notes and we can organise a Digital Confirmation to be sent over.