The Venue

We are more than just your average Brewery, we like to throw a few parties too! Throughout the year we put on several events with live music, food, and of course, entertainment. We have sold out gigs with Kanda Bongo Man & The CC Smugglers. We love to see happy people dancing at our events, and there’s nothing better than seeing 450 people dance the night away in the Brewery yard…

The Beer Usually Helps With the Dancing!

We love looking for new bands, new sounds, and finding new exciting music that will get everybody up, dancing, and having a good time. We have a fairly eclectic taste, so you can expect anything from gypsy punk to reggae, and everything in between.

It’s not all music. We also host stand-up comedy nights, feast evenings and every year we have a Charity Choir competition. We think it’s fair to say that we hold some of the best live events in Pembrokeshire.

When we hold events, we have a big stretch tent that covers our seating area, so come rain or shine we can still party! It’s not indoors and you won’t be completely sheltered, but it’s the next best thing! We won’t let the Welsh rain dampen the party. We also have a stage for the performers. So, don’t worry, there is plenty of space for you to boogie and enjoy yourselves.

Party The Night Away With Us

At our bigger events, we work with local caterers who serve food throughout the night. So you can dance to your heart’s content, work up an appetite, get some delicious food and then dance a little more! You can always rely on our bar to be well-stocked too. Our bar offers a selection of our own beers and occasionally a few guest beers too! We also have a fridge stocked full of wine and cider. There is also a selection of soft drinks for all of the designated drivers at our parties. We have something for everyone, no matter what your taste is.

As we are an open-air venue, we recommend that you dress for the outdoors when attending one of our events. Bring your big coats and hats with you so the night doesn’t have to end early because you were cold. We’d hate for you to have to leave too soon!

After Our Event

Don’t really fancy driving or just can’t decide who is going to be the designated driver? We work closely with Home James Taxis who will make sure that you all get home safe and sound after a night out with us. If you do decide to drive, there is lots of parking available in a field just next to the brewery.

After our events, we do allow people to camp overnight in their own campervans and tents. So, if you decide you would like to stay a little longer, you can. All we ask is that you contact us first if you plan to stay, as there is a small charge. We only offer this on our event nights.