Who We Are

We’re a small team who really love good quality, craft beer. Our team is made up of Simon, Kerry, Amy, Tom, Emily, Rob, Jack, Martyn, Dai & Will.

Simon, Kerry & Amy set the Brewery up in 2013 and they have been slowly growing the team ever since!

Our Brewery is situated on the working family farm, Tyriet. We take pride in the fact that our brewery is incredibly environmentally friendly. All of the bi-products from brewing are re-used on the farm or fed back to our animals. The water that we use to make our beer comes from our own well and we even generate our own solar power!

In 2018, we were the first Brewery in the world to be given the Green Key Accreditation, which is an international award that recognises environmentally sustainable businesses. We aim to be a B Corp Certified company by the end of 2023.

Our Journey so far...

October 2013

Bluestone Brewing Co was born!

Bluestone Brewing Co was incorporated in October 2013. It was just Simon & Amy to begin with, Simon was in charge of brewing and Amy managed sales. We started with a core range of three beers: Bedrock Blonde, Rocketeer & Rockhopper.

November 2013

Our first pint was poured!

Our first beer was poured in the Golden Lion, Newport. They are one of our best customers and you can still enjoy a pint of our beer there today!

June 2015

We opened our doors

We opened our visitor facility so that all of our lovely customers could come and visit us on the farm and see how the beer is made.

July 2015

Our Driver, Rob, came on board

To keep up with our ever-expanding business, Rob joined our team. You can regularly spot Rob around Wales delivering our beer.

March 2016

A New Brewer!

Our team grew again when Emily and Tom joined us. Tom is now our Head Brewer and Emily manages the office & marketing side of things.

Along with their dog, Ned, they’re now part of the furniture at Bluestone.

July 2016

We sent beer to China!

Bluestone Brewing Co went international. Our first time exporting beer, we sent Bluestone Brewing beer over to China.

January 2017

Our beer is proving popular!

We added three fermenters to the Brewery to increase capacity so that we could make even more beer and keep up with demand.

August 2017

Music & beer, what could be better?

We sold out our first ever gig with Kanda Bongo Man for the August Bank Holiday 2017. We had 450 people dancing the night away in the Brewery yard. The beer was flowing, the tunes were playing while the toes were tapping. We couldn’t have had a better night!

August 2017

One for the trophy cabinet

We were awarded the top prize for Specialist/Niche Business of the Year at the Radio Pembrokeshire awards.

August 2018

Our very own bottling plant!

We installed our own bottling plant on site to help us keep up with demand and to reduce our carbon footprint. We now bottle 3-4 times a week.

October 2018

A Proud Moment

We won the Outstanding Rural Diversification Project at the Rural Business Awards. We were shortlisted for the Rural Drinks business award too!

December 2018

A Huge Green Achievement

We became the first brewery in the world to be given the Green Key Accreditation. It’s an award that recognises sustainable businesses, it’s definitely the award that we are the most proud of.

October 2019

Welcome to the family, Gabba!

Another member, Gabba, joined our team. Gabba is part of the Brewing team and manages our bottling plant. There’s no job that he can’t turn his hand to and we’d be lost without him.

November 2019

Not to blow our own trumpets...

Another award under the belt. We won the Best Sustainable Tourism award at the Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards.

October 2020

Pizza & beer, an exciting new venture!

We acquired another venue in St David’s, Grain, a partnership with The Canteen. We sell delicious hand crafted beers and stone-baked pizzas.

March 2021

After seven years in business, we decided that it was time for some “new clothes”. We rebranded our labels and logo and released 3 new beers!

July 2021

Jack joined our team! Jack joined us on the Jobs Growth Wales Scheme back in July 2021 and has quickly become a valuable member of the production team.

December 2021

CANNING!! Our Canning machine arrived just in time for Christmas and we released our first ever beer in a can, Saint Croix.

January 2022

We embarked on our most ambitious project to date, using Microalgae to capture our waste Co2! A research project with Swansea University.

April 2022

More cans! We launched our first can range in April 2022. Al Fresco and Saint Croix were joined by new beers, Pyjama Republic & Engelberg. Engelberg sold out in less than 3 weeks!

March 2023

We WON! Best Sustainable Business at the SIBA National Brewing Awards in Liverpool.

April 2023

We waved goodbye to Gabba after just over four years at the Brewery, we will miss him a lot but wish him well on his next adventure!

Want to Stock Our Beers?

We love good beer and enjoy brewing styles that we know you’ll love too.

If you want to find out about stocking our beers, we’d love to hear from you!

We have a wide range of Cask, Keg, Canned and Bottled products available for UK and International Distribution.

On the Farm

Our Brewery is based in the front yard of Tyriet Farm, Pembrokeshire. What used to be the stables and dairy is now where we brew our craft beer. About 5 months prior to us opening our doors to the public, we had new born calves and lambs being reared in them! Kerry still farms the land here and you’ll often see her flying past on her quadbike whilst you sit and enjoy a pint at the Brewery.

The name Bluestone Brewing Company comes from the local stone that the buildings were built from many years ago. Bluestone is somewhat famous for being mysteriously transported over 250 miles to become Stonehenge, over 5000 years ago.

Brewed & Packaged on site

In 2018, we were fortunate to receive funding from The Coastal Communities Fund and we installed our very own bottling plant at the farm. In 2021, we installed a canning machine.

We’re now able to keep all of our production on-site, which reduces our carbon footprint and provides job opportunities for people in the local area. We tend to bottle or can 3-4 times a week and it means that we have complete control over the quality of our product.

The Coastal Communities Fund is funded by the Government with income from the Crown Estate’s marine assets. It’s delivered by the Big Lottery Fund on behalf of the UK Government and the Devolved Administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.