Bluestone's Carbon Footprint

We wanted to calculate the saving that we have made in terms of our Carbon Footprint since installing a bottling plant on site.

Once we’d worked it all out, we thought that it would be interesting to share with you all …

Our old Carbon Footprint

We were previously sending beer in 1000L batches up to Staffordshire Brewery for bottling.

The trip, in total, which went from Newport to Staffordshire, via Lichfield and Crymych, and back again covers 720km

We would send 1 pallet out (a tank of beer) and receive 2 pallets in return (full bottles)

The trip involved both artic and rigid lorries.

The trip up to Staffordshire:

1 pallet = 50.59 / 44 (Co2 equivalent divided by the number of pallets on the artic) = 1.1498 kg/Co2

(R)  1 pallet = 7.56 / 12 (Co2 equivalent divided by the number of pallets on the rigid) = 0.63 kg/Co2

Total for the trip (B) = 1.7798 kg/Co2

And for the return trip with two pallets:

2 pallets = (B) x 2 = 3.5596 (C)

Total kg/Co2 for a round trip = (B) + (C) = 5.3394 kg/Co2

What we are saving

An artic lorry carries 44 pallets when full, based on government figures this equates to 0.076 kg/Co2

A rigid lorry carries 12 pallets when full, this equates to 0.14 kg/Co2

Artic (A) travels 664km of the journey, multiply that distance by 0.076 = 50.59 kg/Co2

Rigid (R) travels 56km of the journey, so, multiplied by 0.14 = 7.56 kg/Co2

If we calculate this based on 50 brews throughout the year, the total is:

266.97 kg/Co2


A huge saving now that we are bottling entirely on-site!