Sustainable Business of the year

Good news!! This week, we took the top prize for Sustainability at the SIBA Business Awards.

Tom, Jack and Gabba came home with the trophy from this year’s BeerX event. BeerX UK is the UK’s biggest beer and brewing trade event, with a huge industry trade show, regional beer bars and the independent beer and business awards presentations. Hundreds of Brewers and key voices from the industry travel to Liverpool each year to attend and enter the Business Awards.

The Sustainable Business award recognises Breweries who are taking the ethics of environmental awareness and sustainable business operation way beyond the norm, with either a single innovative initiative or a holistic strategy for sustainability.

With our compost toilets, wildflower roofs & community hop projects – we are always trying to keep their footprint as low as possible. Our most ambitious project to date, and the one that caught the judges eye, is our co2 capture project in collaboration with Swansea University. Over the past year, we have been using Microalgae to reduce our co2 emissions by capturing CO2 naturally produced by the action of yeast in the brewing process and converting it into valuable
biomass with the help of Microalgae.

We have been runners up in this category a couple of times, so to be announced as winners on Wednesday was amazing. Our hard work is paying off and to receive recognition on a national stage for our sustainable efforts was a great feeling.

We believe that there is a social responsibility, on all businesses, to reduce their footprints for the benefit of everybody. We want to ensure that our business has a positive impact on the welfare of the next generation. We may be a small business in the grand scheme of things, but we hope that our way of working may influence others and that we can have a big impact on our local community and the wider brewing community.