Our New Venture

We will be opening our very own Pizza and Craft Beer Bar this year!

We have been waiting to share this news with you all for a little while now but we had to wait until the time was right. We are embarking on a VERY exciting adventure with our good friends at The Canteen in Newport. We have secured the lease on a new venue in St Davids, Pembrokeshire and we will be opening our very own Pizza and Craft Beer Bar this year!

Let's start at the beginning...

We have been friends with Ben at The Canteen for many years now and have had various conversations in the past about working together.

An opportunity arose this year and we jumped at the chance to open our very own place in partnership with Ben and everyone at The Canteen.

We’re sure that Ben’s pizzas, alongside our beers will be a recipe for success in St Davids.

Introducing Grain

The space that we will be taking over is the courtyard area behind the TYF building in St Davids.

TYF are a fantastic company, who share our business values, and we are very excited to be working alongside them.

We have a lot of work to do before we will be ready to open but rest assured, you will be the first to hear about our opening date.

Our own Brewery Shop and Events will still be very much open next summer, as usual, this new venue will just be an added extra, meaning that you can get your Bedrock Blonde Ale fix at both ends of the county now!