Community Green Hop Brew Day

Friday 11th September 2020 saw the fourth annual Community Green Hop brew day take place at the Brewery.

Over four years ago now, we bought some hop plants and gave them out to our neighbours. We had been providing a meeting space for the local gardening club for a few years and so it seemed like a good idea to get the local gardeners involved with some brewing!

We asked our neighbours to grow the hops and then, once they were ready to harvest, the community was invited to come together for a community brew day and BBQ.

A real team effort

It’s always a day to look forward to and a great chance for our community to come together. Our 2020 Brew Day was a little different as we were unable to have our usual BBQ due to covid restrictions, but we still managed to have a socially-distant get together and enjoyed harvesting the hops in the September sunshine.

Our wonderful friends and neighbours arrived all throughout the morning with the hops that they had been growing for the past year. We spent the day picking them and then Tom, our Head Brewer, added them to the brew in the afternoon.

Once the beer was ready, it was sold in bottles and casks to our local pubs and shops – read below to see where the profits went!

In the spirit of Community

In the spirit of Community, we decided that all profits from the green hop brew would be donated to The Watershed Foundation to support those affected by the 2020 fires at Moria Camp in Lesvos. We raised a whopping £1381.90 for the charity!

Simon’s brother, Jonny, has been leading a team at Moria camp on behalf of watershed foundation for a few years now. The Watershed Team were completely dazed by the recent fires, having spent so much time improving sanitation around the camp and were left wondering where it all goes from here.

The serious nature of this disaster seemed to be completely masked by covid-related news stories. They needed (and still do!) urgent support and funds in order to put basic sanitation back together for the 12,600 residents who are currently living in the open.

This beer is all about bringing our local community together and we saw this as an opportunity to help another community who urgently needed our support.