Brewer of the Year nomination

In November, we had some very exciting news, Tom had been nominated for the Brewer of The Year Award at The British Guild of Beer Writers. One of only 7 Brewers on the list!

We’re really proud of him. He has brewed a huge range of styles over the past few years and kept our lovely customers interested with a constantly evolving, interesting range of beers. He has done a brilliant job of bridging the gap between our more traditional range and more modern, craftier styles.

Tom was obviously mortified to be nominated and did not like the thought of having to wear a suit to an awards ceremony, he’s far hap


pier in his rugby shorts and wellies!! Unfortunately, this time, he didn’t scoop the top prize but we are still really proud of him, just to be nominated is a HUGE achievement.

Congratulations to Andy at Elusive Brewing who did take home the award, a very worthy winner and a brilliant brewer!