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Micro Brewery Experience

Bluestone Brewing has officially opened its doors to bring you a free Micro Brewery Experience! Come along to Bluestone & find out how we make our Ales rock solid!

We’ll show you a short video about the brewery which will guide you through each brewing process, then you can pop your head into our brewery to see our brewing team hard at work and ask any burning questions that you may have. Once you’ve learnt about how the beers are made, we’ll give you a chance to pick your favourite with a taster from our bar!

It’s a really relaxed, informative experience so feel free to stay on and have a drink. Especially if the sun is shining, it’s a great way to spend the afternoon!

Visitor Center - Micro Brewery Experience

Visitor Center - Brew Days

Bluestone Brew Day

Want to delve a bit deeper into the beer brewing experience?

Come and join us for a brew day, where you’ll really get to know the ins and outs of how Bluestone Ales are made. 

During your brew day experience you will help to brew a full commercial scale batch of beer from scratch. The day is entirely hands on; you’ll smell, touch and taster all the raw ingredients and learn about brewing history, processes and the science behind the art.

There will be tasting opportunities throughout the day and we will send you home with a bottle of beer to enjoy after a hard days work!

To book your place on one of our Brew Days, fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you. (Brewing days can vary from week to week so please contact us for information about our next brew date.)