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Pump Clips

We like to stand out from the crowd, and our graphic bold artwork means we really don’t blend in. Bluestone has got a great local designer to create these awesome identities for every single one of our Rock Solid Ales, and personally, we think they look pretty great!

To download a pump clip image, just click on the one you want and ‘Ta Da’ it’s all yours!

Bluestone Bedrock Blonde Ale

Bluestone Rockhopper Pale bitter

Bluestone Rocketeer Traditional Bitter

Bluestone Crystal Ruby American Ale

Bluestone Red of Heaven American Pale Ale

Bluestone Hammer Stone Indian Pale Ale

Bluestone Moonstone Porter

Bluestone Rockin' Robin Christmas Porter

Bluestone Summer Rocks Pembrokeshire Pale Ale

Bluestone Pasg Hapus Pembrokeshire Pale Ale

Elderflower Blonde