St Davids Day Legendary Welsh Lager Launch

After weeks of planning, designing, testing and tasting I am very happy to say that our Bohemian style Pilsner Lager is now officially ready to launch! This Legendary Welsh Lager spent 4 weeks conditioning at 2°c. A lengthy process worthy of the myths that inspired it and named after the Preseli Hills that surround the brewery.

Welsh Lager Pembrokeshire Bohemian Style Pilsner Preseli Pils

We will be launching our Preseli Pils Lager on St Davids Day, in keeping with The Visit Wales 2017 Year of Legends campaign. This campaign aims to bring the past into the present, it’s not only about celebrating the myths and legends that exist in the rich history of Wales but it’s also about creating and recognising new legends.

We are proud to say that our new Lager is pretty legendary. We wanted to bring a new legendary Welsh lager to a pub near you but also use the fantastic story of a battle that took place right on our doorstep many moons ago.

There are plenty of Myths and Legends around Pembrokeshire to chose from, and it didn’t take us long to decide to go with the story of King Arthur and the Twrch Twryth. Legend has it that King Arthur crossed the Preseli Hills in pursuit of the giant boar, Twrch Twryth. A brutal battle took place and the rumour is that several of King Arthur’s knights killed in the battle were buried just down the road from the Brewery. It is also claimed that King Arthur was eventually buried just over the hill…