Green Growth Pledge - Our Commitment

New legislation and increasing consumer demand are driving market growth for sustainably produced goods and services. The Green Growth Strategy provides a practical way for businesses to join other forward-thinking companies that are poised to take advantage of this opportunity.

It contains the following 10 areas where your business can have an environmental or social impact.

  • Working with responsible suppliers: We require all of our main suppliers to be quality assured and to show documentation confirming their responsible attitude to quality and sustainability.
  • Products & services: We source all of our ingredients from a small number of suppliers, cutting down transportation costs. We carry out all brewing and packaging for resale on site.
  • Appropriate packaging: We use multi fill kegs and casks. No plastic packaging is introduced by our company and we use recyclable cardboard where possible.
  • Efficient transport: We now have 3 different sized vans to suit the varying size of the seasonally affected sales.
  • Use & End of Life: All bottles are recyclable as is the packaging we use. Other packaging is multi-use. Brewing liquor is preheated using heat exchangers. Every effort is made to carbonate using CO2 naturally produced as part of the brewing process.
  • Using land, energy & water wisely: We collect our own water from a spring which is then used for brewing and cleaning and the waste water gravity feeds to a reed bed filtration system and joins a stream not more than 400 meters from where it was originally extracted. Water use is monitored. We have solar panels installed to aid energy production are looking into increasing solar energy production.
  • Preventing waste & pollution: We currently feed spent grain to livestock on the farm though we are investigating composting as an alternative. We supply hops to the local gardening club for mulching. Cardboard is shredded and used as bedding for livestock and yeast is spread as fertilizer on the land. We are currently working towards zero waste to landfill and hope to achieve this by early 2020.
  • Well-being of staff and your local community: We offer the site to the local community for gardening club, lectures, and a local art group sell pictures and cards from the shop. We are a collection centre for Bikes for Africa and clothes for Syrian Refugees and deliver the donations to a main collection point when delivering beer. We now have a local group using the facility for Welsh Arts Council sponsored arts events. Staff are encouraged to become involved with the company longer term employees now have a stake in the company.
  • Measuring impacts: On site bottling. Having installed a bottling plant on site we have knocked off 244 tonnes (DEFRA figures) from our carbon footprint by avoiding transportation costs to and from the bottling contractor.
  • Brand & marketing: We enter environmental accreditation competitions and advertise on social media. We use appropriate logos on our website.