Building work has begun

Work has officially begun for project ‘Bottling Plant’. Simon is up on the scaffolding as we speak, removing the gable end wall of the wood shed so that it can be rebuilt in the next few weeks as part of the building project.

For those that haven’t heard our news, we were very lucky to be awarded funding through the coastal communities fund, issued by the Welsh Government, in order to install our very own bottling plant on site in 2018.

The bottling plant will be installed in to the old wood shed across the way from the Brewery shop. In order to meet the modern day health, safety and hygiene requirements, the building requires a fair bit of work. Builders will be arriving in the New Year to do the bulk of the work but we’ve had some fun today and made a start with removing the majority of the end wall.

It is going to be a very big project, which is going to take a few months and lots of hard work but it’s great to see some progress … we’ll keep you posted!