Bluestone Beer sets sail for Denmark ...

Skål : Norsk (Norwegian) for cheers, drink up! Pronounced like scauld without the D, scaul.

Back in May this year Amy flew out to Copenhagen to take part in a trade visit supported by The Welsh Government. Amy spent four days networking, alongside other Welsh producers, with potential importers and distributors.
During her visit, Amy met with an importer who liked the look of our beers! He liked the look of our beers, but did he like the taste? Yes! He was immediately impressed and placed an order before Amy had chance to fly home!
Following our first shipment, a second followed quickly and to date there is a steady stream of Bluestone Beer crossing the continent to Denmark.

Emily got in touch with the Danish company to find out a bit more about where exactly our beer ends up once it has left the brewery…
At the moment the importing company mainly sell Bluestone products to supermarkets & single stores. The company has wide range of products, including Bluestone, that they present to their customers, and they choose which products they find the most interesting. We have been assured that so far they have been very interested in our products,and sale numbers are increasing.

The company also works with a few bars and restaurants, that have our products. At the moment our beer is stocked in Frederiksberg Olbar and Tryk Bar in Copenhagen (for any of you visiting anytime soon!)

The company currently sells predominantly in the east part of Denmark, but they are working on a contract with a new retailer, who will sell our products along with 3-4 other importers, if this works out we will be present in all of Denmark next year, and our market share will grow significantly.

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