Our Process

Every single bottle of our [y]Rock Solid Ales[/y] is brewed with passion and love.

Unlike some beers, our process is simple, letting the top quality ingredients and natural spring water do the talking. Our water is so clear that no filtering or added chemicals are needed; giving a pure and solid taste that you won’t find anywhere else!

  1. Milling & Malting: We pick the very best malt & hops, which are delivered straight to our door.
  2. Mashing: This is where our fresh spring water is added from our hot liquor tank. It’s this water that really ups the anti on the flavour.
  3. Boiling: Once our spring water has been added, it then gets transported to the boiling tank and our Hops are added.
  4. Cooling: We use a plate cooler to cool the liquid down from boiling point. As we’re a pretty environmentally conscious bunch, instead of throwing away the leftover hot water, we reuse it in the mashing stage. This reduces the amount of excess waste that we produce.
  5. Fermenting: The liquid then runs into the fermenter, which is where our top secret yeast is added. And to add to our eco-credentials, all the bi-products from the brewing process are fed back to the animals on our farm!
  6. Maturing: Now all our top quality ingredients have been added, the Ale is left to mature in the tank for as long as necessary to produce the bold, rich flavour you get from Bluestone Ales.
  7. Bottling: After being lovingly crafted and nurtured throughout the brewing process, Bluestone Ale is now ready to be bottled and shipped straight to you, our lovely customers. In 2018, we installed our very own bottling plant on site, so that every step of the process is managed in-house.
  8. Next step – to you, the customer! Cheers!