Our Ingredients

[y]Why does Bluestone Ale taste so good?[/y]

Well, we brew our ales from only four bold ingredients in the rough and rocky foothills of the Bluestone Mountains. We only use the very best ingredients so that we can create quality beers that are big on flavour and big on attitude.

Natural Spring Water

The water we use for brewing our Rock Solid Ales is unique to Bluestone. Our water filters down from the core of the Preseli Mountains and collects in a well on our land at the foot of the hills. This spring water is so natural and crystal clear that it goes straight from the well into our beers, with no filtering or chemicals added.

Beer is 98% water, so we believe that the distinctive quality of Bluestone water gives our beer a unique, pure and solid taste that you won’t find anywhere else!


We choose our hops specifically for their unique, big flavour. We cherry pick the very best hops from all across the world and match them specifically to our different ales. You’ll find British hops in our traditional Rocketeer to give a nice balanced flavour, and you’ll find citrus hits from the American Hop, Ekuanot, in our Cave Dweller.


The yeast we use in our Ales is core to its Rock Solid Flavour, and our recipe is something of a closely guarded secret! What we will tell you though is that we crop our own live yeast straight off the top of our beers, which means it really is as fresh as it can be!


We use only British Grown malt in our Ales. These malts are specially selected for their unique flavour to enhance the taste of our Ales.

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